Thursday, July 22, 2010

The passage from the kitchen to the family room was completely re-configured. By creating a smaller, lower ceiling
space to connect the two rooms; the adjoining room seem more special by the contrast of the spaces. The intimate
passage has clerestory windows allowing light to filter into this most interior space, but they also add architectural interest and elevate what could have been a pedestrian space. Why is foot traffic a bad thing? Oh, yeah, we all want chauffeurs and limos! Except sometimes, appreciating details in architecture is best done on foot. After all, this is a pedestrian space, one traverses it on foot. The windows also change the scale of this passage from residential to human scale. An interesting idea, the freezer and the refrigerator were divided on either side of the archway for balance, symmetry, and simple convenience. The passage connects the fireplace with the range, uniting the symbolic hearth of the home with the actual hearth. Sometimes the heart, too!
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