Thursday, July 22, 2010

Through the Misty Morn the
Twlight Breaks, I think this is
a song. That is the inspiration
for the room. A place of tranquility
'til dawn. Quiet, misty colors on
the walls, clear sky above, glowing
light, it's a happy day to get up here!
The Gothic details of the plaster
moldings peak the interest in the
new day. The secluded niches
carved into the recesses of walls,
all create a place of calm,
serenity and peace.

Did I just tell you a fairy tale?
Do you feel sleepy too?
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The Private Sitting Area
in the Master Suite.
This is a calm, serene space
although there is quite a collection
of fabric and patterns. The draperies
are in a cotton print from Colefax and
Fowler called, "Leaf Stripe", in aqua.
Don't get excited, it has been discon-
tinued. The simplicity of the cotton
in the grandeur of this room, makes the
room very approachable. The
Chippendale style settee is
covered in a French crushed
velvet and made more cozy
with the addition of the
orchid throw. The wing chair
is so inviting, in its cotton
twill banded in the crushed
velvet of the settee.Just captured
in the lower right corner is a glimpse of
the Sheraton settee in,
Bowood from Colefax.
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A breakfast room to love. It is the life connection between the rear of the house, and the kitchen. It is where all the action is, accept for what's on the T.V. This is totally functional simplicity. Nothing superfluous, except the dog. Sorry,
Basil! Your contribution is movement! Anyone have a treat?
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All the pretty little details.
The ruffles on the pillows, with
fringe trims on the hems to
scalloped self-edging on the
tableskirts. Just a corner
to savor and enjoy!
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This Sunny Day Salon is
so exhilerating to be in.
It is a double cube. 16' high
to the lavender ceiling. It
was designed on an
European country house.
The architecture is
breathtaking, and I
hope we it justice.

This is new construction,
but it doesn't feel it. It
seems as though there
is a permance and
security to it that has
been enhanced by time.
That could be the
concrete slab construction.
Color lifts the spirits and
delights the soul, and
that is what I attempted
to do here, delight the
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Buyers veered away from this house
because of the former kitchen. Now
how do you think they would react?
Before a small galley kitchen existed
in one end of the room, we took a
different approach. To use the
whole room as kitchen with eating
area under the Palladian window.
Of course, we added the window, and also
changed the openings into the kitchen, so
it could be connected easily to the new second
rear entrance. Both walls are filled with cabinetry
and a large working island is in the center.
It is where everyone congregates for great
conversation and great food!
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The passage from the kitchen to the family room was completely re-configured. By creating a smaller, lower ceiling
space to connect the two rooms; the adjoining room seem more special by the contrast of the spaces. The intimate
passage has clerestory windows allowing light to filter into this most interior space, but they also add architectural interest and elevate what could have been a pedestrian space. Why is foot traffic a bad thing? Oh, yeah, we all want chauffeurs and limos! Except sometimes, appreciating details in architecture is best done on foot. After all, this is a pedestrian space, one traverses it on foot. The windows also change the scale of this passage from residential to human scale. An interesting idea, the freezer and the refrigerator were divided on either side of the archway for balance, symmetry, and simple convenience. The passage connects the fireplace with the range, uniting the symbolic hearth of the home with the actual hearth. Sometimes the heart, too!
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The tri-colored scalloped trim has a
small striped detail, so the valance was
lined in a red and white stripe. The
Maltese bows, like the ones in the
Dining Room, are banded in the
drapery fabric with covered buttons
to highlight the loops.
This red silk is so pretty with the
deep red mohair of the club chairs.
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Here is a different angle on the Red
Library, looking toward the fireplace.
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In this room, the grandfather
built the bookcases on both sides of
this library. There are four deep
red, tufted mohair club chairs with
silk cut fringe trim at the base of
the chair above the turned leg.
The trefoil ottoman is corded in
the deep red and is a signature
piece in the tiger stripe silk
velvet. The walls were painted
and glazed, the moldings were
picked out in the deeper tone
on the blue-grey. There is
a glimmer of the Sunny Day
Salon through the archway.
Which book do you want to
curl up with, in these chairs?
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Delightful Dining Room Drapery Details

The corner of this dining room is just a microcosm of the whole room. The crown molding is painted and glazed, the walls were upholstered in a coral cotton damask trimmed with scalloped braid, the painted ceiling is stenciled in a custom designed pattern. And, then there is the drapery. This valance heading has trumpets and subtle swags trimmed with a small scalloped braid and finished with my favorite maltese bows. The sides of the bows are banded in the pale blue, while the opposite side is in the charteuse. The drapery panels are two different fabrics, sewn together to create the stripes in the colors I sought. Details like these continually give the eye new delights to find, something new to see.
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Evening Red Sunset Entry Hall

This is a 50' long cross-groin vaulted entry hall.
The architecture is spectular!
The color scheme isn't bad either! I used Scalamandre' Silks in canteloupe and coral, with honey colored parquet floors, and limestone glazed trimwork. The vaults are faux finished in light shrimp with pale canteloupe custom paint for the walls. That's a trio of Niermann Weeks chandeliers. The striped bench on the right midway down is drawn up to the massive limestone dual-sided fireplace to warm both the entry and the salon. How could I call it a living room, in this grand European-style architecture? This space just makes me happy. I love looking at it. I hope you will too! Can you imagine this entry with builder's white paint? That's why interior design is important, it amplifies the value of your home, emotionally, rationally. That's what makes a home, home!

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Golden Drawing Room

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunrise Living Room

I love the entry to this Winnetka living room. The draperies throughout this house are some of my all time favoritesJOWIJIJEOIQWJEO:QR

Bowood Deluxe Guest Bedroom

This is the complimentary guest bedroom to the Pixie Bath featured below. The drapery, upholstery and wallpaper are all done in my favorite print. Of
course, the wallpaper has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Since the photo was taken we installed silk lampshades with a bias plaid banding.

The nightstand is a french antique with brass ormolu. The two prints hanging on the adjacent wall are gilt framed botanicals.

This room conveys tranquility for the guests who occupy it. The use of the principal pattern and color scheme throughout the room creates a calming effect similar to the mood captured in the attached dressing area.

Green & Aqua Pixie Bath w/ Pink Accents

This is a dressing area in a guest room. Notice the upholstered screen with nailheads and ribbon trim. It is actually a memo board. A special place to keep thank you notes and mementoes from guests. We painted the oak cabinets a calming Farrow & Ball shade of green and then glazed. The window is reflected in the mirror which expands the space visually. The header on the curtain is finished with contrasting pennants that have pink silk streamers twisted into roses, providing a charming touch. The wallcovering is of Pixies & Fairies. Such a fun place to visit!

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